Welcome to TNCEP (Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program)

TNCEP is a nutrition education program for individuals and families who participate or are eligible to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). UT Extension provides SNAP-Ed through TNCEP. The goal of TNCEP is to help participants learn how to choose and prepare healthy foods and feel empowered to move toward self-sufficiency. Through TNCEP, participants are taught how to use SNAP and related resources effectively.

Education is delivered by county Extension personnel and partners in the community who work with the SNAP audience. The characteristic of TNCEP that makes it different from other nutrition education programs is that it is coalition-driven. A community coalition of individuals from various agencies determines what education is conducted. Funding for TNCEP is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Tennessee Department of Human Services.‚Äč

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Adventures in the Kitchen – Cooking workshop for kids that teaches cooking skills, kitchen safety, and nutrition. Also promotes physical activity.  6 lessons and includes parent newsletters.

Making Tracks with Rudy Raccoon – 6 lessons to promote healthy eating, food safety, and physical activity; includes parent newsletters.Tasty Days – Promotes fruit and vegetable tastings and being more physically active.

Eat Smart, Live Strong – 4 sessions and focuses on increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and daily physical activity.